Bottom line: Site speed matters to your bottom line

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 22:21
speed matters


If I told you Google defines a fast loading web page as 3 seconds or less, would you be surprised? Probably not, that seems reasonable. Who would wait that long, right?

If I told you Google also says, based on their research, that for every second of load time, your conversions drop by 12%. Would you be confident your site would pass the test? Would there be anyone left to convert?

If I told you 53% of people abandon pages after just 3 seconds on a mobile device, would you be ok with losing more than half of the mobile visitors to your site that could potentially convert to members? Of course not, but you likely haven't even considered this silent lead killer.

If I told you how this impacts your business, you wouldn't believe me? The great thing is you don't have to believe me, you simply have to test your site for yourself with Google's tool.  I encourage you to try it out! 

How does site speed impact potential revenue?

Let me explain the impact a 50% increase in speed would have based on the Google calculator at the bottom of the test you just performed on your site.  If your site's mobile load speed is 6 seconds, and you have 1000 visitors per month to your site, and you convert 0.5% of those visitors to members with a Lifetime Client Value of $2500, your results would look like this based on Google's calculation:

6 to 3 %

By increasing your mobile page load speed by 50% (from 6 sec to 3 sec) you could have a potential revenue uplift of $11,347! I know what you are thinking... I convert closer to 1% of visitors to my site to membership and my LCV is closer to $3500.  Here would be your results:

higer conversion numbers
Imagine if the speed of your pages were less than 3 seconds!

So yes, we are telling you, with Google's help, that you can increase your bottom line by simply using a better tool. Have you ever had AAA come out and fix a flat tire for you? The attendant has all the right tools for the job and can change a tire in a few minutes. It is impressive. It has to do with the tools. Stop using inferior tools for your online presence. Stop doing it on your own. Stop trusting someone with your business that isn't passionate about this topic. Site speed is a silent killer. You will never know how many people would have come to your gym, become part of your community, and be living a healthier life if your site would have just loaded faster. Now you can at least sleep easy knowing you are using the right tool and we have your back. 

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"Because the cost of slower performance increases over time and persists, we encourage site designers to think twice about adding a feature that hurts performance if the benefit of the feature is unproven." 
 Google AI Blog 2009.