What are you asking me to do?

Saturday, December 14, 2019 - 01:04
lead capture image


Have you ever visited website and had no idea what the person was selling or what they were wanting you to do next? I have, and it is a percent frustrated at 100. It is a time waster and an immediate turnoff. I can't hit the back button fast enough. 

Lead capture is the #1 goal of a marketing website.

But not all lead capture is created equal. A visitor that opts in to get your monthly newsletter is much different than a visitor that fills out a form to Get Started. It is the difference between a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Which is more important to your gym business? Your time is valuable, it is your most valuable asset. You need to get the biggest bang for your time dollar and working with SQLs is where the action is. We work with clients daily that lose site of priority #1. The only thing that matters on your marketing website is to get someone to raise their hand for your Primary Call-to-Action (CTA1). That is it. Everything, and I do mean everything else needs to support that call-to-action. There aren't two primary call-to-action goals, there is one. There will always be just one. It may change, but there will never be two primary actions at the same time.

What is a Primary Call-to-Action?

This is what you want a site visitor to do. This is the first step to doing business with you. As a gym owner, it may be sign-up for a free intro session of some kind. If you sell widgets online you want someone to buy a widget. I think you get the point. Seems logical enough doesn't it? What is your primary call-to-action? Would I know what it is if I pulled up your site?

Here is an example of a primary call-to-action that is easy to discern:
mobile view of website


Above the fold on the homepage is simple and straightforward. We can immediately see what BlkOps Fitness is all about, what their values are, and what action they want you to take. Once the button is clicked you are taken to a Get Started page that tells you exactly what to expect if you fill out the form. Trustworthy, organized, and focused.

Here is an example of a site that is a bit less discernible:
evil website


This is an extreme example for sure. But there are more fitness sites that are closer to this example than the first.

Pro Tip: be sure the space above the fold clearly says who you are and what you are all about with a clear call to action.