Personalization. What is it, and can your gym website deliver it?

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 16:23
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What is Personalization?

The simplest, most textbook definition of personalization is the practice of customizing a digital experience to a user’s specific needs and interests, using data collected from the user. 

Personalization starts with visitor data and insight: 

- Who they are - What they want - What they like - Where they are coming from

All of this information helps to inform what content and experience is delivered. Whether that is a digital experience or the experience the lead has when he/she enters your gym for the first time. And ideally, every time after that. This is a challenge for any small business, but especially for the competitive world of gym ownership. With vast amounts of online content, including product reviews and customer testimonials, consumers are able to research every detail of a brand’s offering (as well as that of their competition) before making a purchase decision.

How do you differentiate yourself?

We have discussed page speed and great UX as a way to differentiate yourself from your competition, but what other ways can you deliver a personalized experience to potential members as they visit your website? What if you could meet potential members where they are in their fitness journey and collect relevant information along the way. What if you asked different questions based on the journey they choose and segment them in real time so in the future you can further personalize their experience? Lead capture is where this process begins, and if you have the same form and question set no matter where the prospect is in their journey, you aren't personalizing their experience. You aren't differentiating yourself, you are commoditizing your offering and your experience.

At, we have laid the foundation for advanced personalization. It starts with optimized, high converting, smart forms. We help gyms get more leads from their website by replacing their old, generic forms with slick, interactive forms built with conditional logic.

Here is an example of a Get Started form from one of our long-time clients.

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Their business has matured over time and they have several places where a lead can get started with them. We take into account those offerings with an advanced form experience that allows them to convert and segment leads with ease. It enriches their initial touch point with the lead by saving time - they immediately know where the athlete is in their journey and what they desire. It allows them to quickly allocate resources with staff depending on the type of intro they need to deliver. And they can easily manage the expectations of the lead from the jump.

Depending on the journey the lead chooses, different question are revealed that are relevant to the visitor. Experienced CrossFitter? - we find out how long you have been doing CrossFit. Interested in CrossFit Juniors? - we get parent and child information including child age (within appropriate range, ex. 11-17), child objectives, etc. The possibilities are limitless and each form is customized for each one of our clients. 

3X more leads than generic forms.

Collecting information in bite size requests that is relevant to visitor results in a comfort that allows the visitor to share more information and feel like they are being heard. This is an appropriate way to capture leads and deliver a great experience to visitors to your site. Studies have shown these types of lead capture experiences convert 3X better than generic forms. Are you ready to convert more site visitors to leads without increasing your web traffic?  Schedule a time to meet with one of our experts and step up your lead capture game.